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How To Use Back Painted Glass?

Learn about painted glass and how it's used indoors and walls. GSL Company provides top-quality glass that has great energy-efficient qualities and the ability to improve the interior and exterior designs of commercial and residential buildings in the UK.

What is Back Painted Glass

Back painted glass is the glass that is painted from the backside but viewed from the front side. A technology of painting glass allows creating unique designs in commercial and residential buildings all over the world. Painted backs of glass have become incredibly popular in the UK. Colorful glass is widely used in kitchens and bathrooms. Apart from having a beautiful visual effect, it offers great features.

You have probably seen such glass in commercial buildings such as shopping malls and offices. Their design draws attention and makes space look bigger, wider, and lighter. If these are the things that you want in your home, there is no better idea than using a glass painted from the backside.

If you like glass and would like to create a nice design made of this material in your home, GSL Company can assist you. Working with glass is our expertise, therefore, we know everything about it. We have a big experience creating beautiful elements made of glass for commercial and residential buildings, therefore, you can entrust us.
Bespoke Projects Using Back painted Glass
At GSL company, we use back painted glass to complete bespoke projects. We design glass doors, panels, and extensions to improve interior and exteriors designs of residential buildings. A satin finish is what a lot of flats and houses owners want to achieve when creating designs. We offer to use back-painted glass panels in kitchens, bathrooms, and WC. You can't believe how big change glass can make in your house. You won't have to use as much light plus your house or flat will become spacious visually.

View the list of ideas we offer for our customers:

  • kitchen cabinets
  • backsplash kitchen walls
  • offices
  • cubicles
  • showers
  • changing rooms
  • patio rooms with sliding doors

With painted glass, you can turn your home into a dream house. It's not often that you can decide to use bright colors in your home, however, colored glass usually makes people go for such colors as green, red, purple, or yellow.

A kitchen is a perfect place where bright colors are welcomed. You can finally be creative and let colors inspire you. Painted glass panels create an outstanding look and effect that your guests will love from the first sight.
How Is Back painted Glass Used?
Painted glass panels are used in kitchens, showers, interior walls, countertops, etc. Glass creates an attractive aesthetic appeal as well as adds value to a property. It outperforms tiles used in kitchens and bathrooms especially. Glass is so easy to clean and it never loses its luxurious effect. It visually expands space and makes flats and houses look brighter. It's a modern material that is so easy to look after. It's affordable and it will unlikely come out of fashion. Therefore, if you choose glass, you will win.
One of the widely used and beautiful ideas that we can offer you are using back-painted glass panels in your kitchen or bathroom. In the case with kitchen, back painting glass panels get installed behind the sink or stove to protect the wall from splashes and dirt. It's easy to add colors and inspiration to your kitchen with stylish glass painted with your favorite color. Glass is so easy to clean, so you will forget about cleaning tiles with special liquids.
Back-painted glass is perfect for bathrooms. If you are looking for a pretty idea to decorate your bathroom and make it look contemporary, painted glass walls in light colors will create a modern and cozy bathroom. If you look through images of contemporary bathroom designs, you will see white back-painted glass used for walls of the shower. It creates a sleek and very clean impression which is ideal for a room like a bathroom. What's great that you will be able to choose what color, size, and shape you would like your future back painted glass shower to be. The choice of colors is almost endless.
How Safe Is Back Painted Glass?
GSL Company uses tempered glass because we believe that it's the strongest, safest, and highly resistant to heat, thermal shock, and UV. It means that you will be able to admire not only its look but its qualities. By installing back-painted glass panels with roof panels, you will be able to enjoy a conservatory room all year round. Watching rain, snow, enjoying your garden, and the night sky full of stars becomes possible with such constructions. We can offer a skyline design for house owners who live by the sea. With glass walls and balustrades, you will be able to enjoy an astonishing view from any room in your house.
What Is the Price of Back painted Glass?
To count the cost of a project that you are dreaming of, we should first meet and discuss all the details. The price depends on the size (width and height) of the walls and other details. We have a good reputation in the market and offer competitive prices. After consulting our managers, you will be able to understand how much money you need for implementing your visual dreams into reality.
GSL Company is one of the most trustworthy back painted glass suppliers in the UK. We have a huge experience, a team if professional plus we offer fair prices. We will be happy to tell you how to back paint glass: we will tell you about each step of construction and why a back-painted glass wall is durable, safe, and one of the best solutions for your house.

Our experienced technicians implement every single project meeting individual requirements of clients. We guarantee on-time installation and maintenance of glass constructions that we make for you. Check our reviews and see what our regular clients say about us. We are cooperating with famous brands and provide top-notch deliverables.