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Multi-Panel Floors

The use of clear silicone joints between panels ensure an almost entirely uninterrupted view when looking both up and down through the glass. Larger multi-panel floors can be supported by aluminium, steel or even glass beams for a real 'wow' factor. Framework is covered with a painted strip around the edge of the glass, producing a sleek border effect.
The use of thermally broken panels not only give top-quality sound and heat insulation; they look stunning and are practicality impressive too.

Multiple panels mean installation can often be completed without the use of a crane
Cover larger floor spaces, and create an impressive, vast and timeless effect for your property. There is minimal installation hassle compared with other large glass solutions. To create whole extensions or exterior spaces, extending the usable floor space of your home.
The use of Low Iron Glass ensures that the floors are transparent as possible and take away the blue/green tint that comes with float glass.

The use of anti-slip glass is extremely practical especially where children are able access. Please see our anti-slip range below.