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Glass Staircases

As far as visual statements go there can be nothing more expressive than a signature glass staircase.
Whether constructed entirely from glass or a hybrid of glass and steel/timber, the transparency and minimalism of our designs create the illusion of levitation and can transform the mundane act of ascending the stairs into a few moments of sensory pleasure.
Glass stair cases have different configurations:
Glass stair configurations
Spiral staircase with glass that are comfortable and compact.
Marching, which are not only the most popular, but also very convenient to use and have various options in size or shape;
Combined, which can be designed according to any desire of the customer.
These are examples of more traditional and simple design of glass staircases. They show how a very traditional design can look very modern at the same time if you choose a different material in this case – glass. Our glass steps are safe as they are covered in protectant layers that make them anti-slip. Click here to see our ANTI SLIP range
Now you really can introduce a little wow factor to your property, giving it some extra light and space at the same time.
Glass staircases are an exclusive and unusual design. They are suitable for office, home and very harmoniously fit into a varied interior. Glass staircase creates the illusion of airiness and simplicity of design, while they themselves look expensive.

Basically, only steps and fences are made of glass. And for the frame, stainless steel or concrete marches are used. Actually, glass can be used of various types, both transparent and matting, have illumination, combined inserts or various artistic patterns.

In the manufacture of glass steps, safe tempered glass is used, which undergoes heat treatment, it is also called triplex. Such glass is capable of withstanding loads of 500 kilograms per step. Also, when using, they can use bent curved or tempered glass.

Glass stair configurations

Glass stair cases have different configurations:

  • Spiral staircase with glass that are comfortable and compact;
  • Marching, which are not only the most popular, but also very convenient to use and have various options in size or shape;
  • Combined, which can be designed according to any desire of the customer.

What types of glass stairs are there?

The location of installation of the glass staircase can vary from the original area of the space to the idea of the buyer. We prepared for you the main types of staircase configuration:

  • straight;
  • corner;
  • u-shaped;
  • screw;
  • with platforms.
The main materials from which the supporting frame will be made are ferrous metal, durable wood or stainless steel (by the way, the staircase with glass and wood has a very modern look). Take note, that it is possible to make a self-supporting staircase, where glass will serve as a frame. Based on these possibilities, we will distinguish two types of construction - two-frame and one-frame. The design decision on how the steps should look are individual. They can be of different shapes depending on the project task and cost, tinted, transparent or with decor.

Railings for glass stairs

Thanks to work in the glass industry market for over 10 years, designers can meet all the requirements of the future client. Glass staircase design makers team always conduct research using tempered glass to provide all customers with fresh, customized and innovative glass stair designs. You can always choose from the original and stun range or ask a consultation on customized glass staircase design.

For the perfect combination of modern staircases and railings, you should figure out what types of railings exist:

  • all-glass;
  • from glass and aluminum;
  • with wooden styled elements;
  • using stainless steel.
To visually facilitate the appearance of the structure, metal should be used as the main material. Thin or ladder pipes will look original and beautiful on a flight staircase. Not so often, designers advise using forged balustrades and stainless steel handrails. Over glass or placement on a small departure are options for handrail locations panels.

Pros and cons of glass staircases and railings

The benefits of each glass sided staircase include:

  • Contemporary aesthetics. Glass railings add a full stylish modern look to any home as they create a fresh and airy atmosphere.
  • Cost. Aside from the visual appeal, installing glass railings will actually add more value to your property.
  • Comfort. Since the materials of the glass railing are durable, only cleaning and maintenance is required to remove dust and accidental fingerprints.
  • Individual parameters. With a multitude of options, homeowners can choose not only the right style for their home, but also discuss their budget.
  • Safety. Unlike wooden railings, there are no posts or openings. This advantage makes glass railings a great choice for keeping kids and small pets safe from slipping, climbing or getting stuck.
With a seamless design and durable tempered glass, installing glass railings can allow

your family to feel safety and peace of mind you deserve. If you bespeak the technical aspects of the security system and aesthetic details, the glass railings are a great renovation project for any home style!

Of course, these ladders have more advantages than disadvantages. Possibly, the main one of them is the cost of production and installation, especially if you order an individual project with different complex elements.

Glass staircases UK - price and characteristics

Glass stairs are made of laminated (laminated) or tempered glass. Selection of glass sheets with a thickness of 8-10 mm. Their quantity and size is carried out by calculation individually for each customer. When making glass stairs and glass staircase balustrade, specialists must take into account any future expected loads, configuration and design solutions. To protect the steps from quick erasure and ensure durability, they can be covered with a special 10 mm thick tempered glass, which is called "cover".

In addition, the price of modern staircases glass depends on the complexity of the work, they can have various glass elements, they can be decorated with interior films, creating the effect of a soft matte surface, for example, with a bronze tint, or visually divide the glass surface into exotic squares, has unusual touch effect.

Throughout Europe glass stairs (in particular, steps) are mounted on load-bearing structures using special brackets made of stainless steel and embedded in glass fragments using polymer adhesives. The calculation of the configuration of the brackets, their location and number is also can be carried out individually. The transparency of the structure gives the glass for staircases a unique effect of airiness, and if you also apply lighting, it will give the whole interior prestige and uniqueness.

A similar approach in work is used in the case when glass railings for stairs are produced and installed. Here you can apply a non-standard approach, for example, also using lighting, patterns and much more. Ladders like these will not go unnoticed. They will delight in the very fact of their existence, telling about the amazing qualities of their owner.