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Glass Roofs

Our bespoke structural rooflights are designed to provide a frameless internal view which maximises daylight inside the building.

Glass roofs are beneficial in internal rooms where external windows are far away or too small to bring enough light. They are also useful if side windows are restricted by neighbouring properties.
At Glass Structures Limited, we create an all year living space. Using the latest in glass technology, our expert team of construction specialists can provide double and triple glazed products to ensure your extension remains warm in winter and cool during the hotter months. We can also offer glass with special features such as self-cleaning or sun protection.
Modern glazing technology has come a long way, and using cutting-edge techniques we're now able to design and install completely seamless, frameless glass roofs. This enables our clients to reap all the benefits of natural light, and to enjoy totally unobstructed views of the outdoors, which only a glazed roof system can provide.
When you add a glass roof, natural light cascades into your property, reducing electricity costs and providing you with a host of wellbeing benefits.
The gentle warmth of the sun emanates through the roof above, ensuring your interior retains a tranquil temperature. Workspaces, kitchens and other living areas are transformed, helping your home or property achieve a timeless quality.
We can bring the outside in.