Tilda Publishing

Glass Links

A glass link is an aesthetically pleasing way to connect two buildings and is particularly appropriate to link an old building to a new extension, providing an indirect interface between buildings of different ages or styles. Glass links not only connect buildings, they can also be turned into habitable spaces.
The glass structures team has a lot of experience mixing traditional and contemporary design. We create an almost completely transparent glass box to connect the buildings.
Whether on a listed building as part of the planning permissions, or on a modern new build as a design feature, different elements of high specification structural glass can be expertly integrated to create a clear frameless link between spaces. Fixing methods can vary to suit each project need, with the option to chase all fixings into the stonework where possible for a completely frameless look.
A structural glass screen is endlessly versatile. It can open an area and bring a building together in one design, creating a practical as well as visually stunning space.
They can protect and highlight the finest historical buildings, bring together luxury home interiors, or seamlessly combine contemporary structure.
The transparent nature of glass means that this type of extension barely interrupts the view of the original building to which it is attached. Framework can be kept to a minimum and if the building is of particular importance, low iron glass can be specified to ensure that any blue or green tint is removed from the glass, therefore increasing its transparency.