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We take pride in our glass structures and ensure that every design is done to meet each different requirement from our customers. We offer a comprehensive product range all of which is bespoke and designed to complement each window, door system or roofing system. Manufacturing various products allows us to offer individual solutions to suit an individual's requirements to express the building
A Bespoke Glass Extension allows you to extend your house with an ultra-modern building giving the capability of bringing more light and space into your home whilst enabling you to enjoy your garden throughout each season.

A Bespoke Structure can range from a pure glass extension where the structure is supported from glass beams and fins and Structural silicone incorporating our fameless doors. To incorporating our frameless glazing with a timber or steel structure that is structurally bonded.
Now, the trend is for open plan living, and letting in as much light as possible.
Glass extensions are a great way of improving and adding value to your home, extending the space, and letting in lots of light which can reach every corner of the house. Glass extensions brings many advantages to a home, its inhabitants and their lifestyle.
When it comes to adding more space to a home, glass extensions are definitely one of the most popular options people are opting for these days. It looks glamourous, it improves the relationship between the internal spaces and the garden at the rear.
Glass extensions will blend into any type of property. Its appearance is more appealing than the traditional glass extensions and is a beautiful way to connect different parts of the home to the outside. Each glass structure is individually designed and manufactured to meet your requirements allowing you to make the most of your available space, however large, small or unusually shaped. There is a glass extension option suitable for everyone. We are going to assist you from start to the end, from your vision to finished project that looks amazing.