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Doors made of glass nowadays are considered not only an indicator of good taste, but also a modern approach to the arrangement of your home, office or retail space. Anyone deciding to order a full glass doors firstly must discuss and choose the model, because from a technological point of view, they are all different and types of glass doors are most suitable for a particular case.

Where glass doors can be installed

Glass frameless doors will be an excellent solution for decorating space in an apartment or office like in London- they combine beauty, comfort and practicality. These structures are successfully used in a wide variety of premises, from residential buildings to exhibition complexes, from boutiques and shops to ultra-modern business centers. Glass and steel doors allow you to control what is happening without encroaching on your personal space. This is very convenient in the case of office zoning or the presence of small children and old people in the house.

Features of the production of glass doors

For these structures, special toughened glass of increased strength is used. It meets all safety and environmental requirements. Glass door thickness is usually 8-12 mm. At the same time, you can buy doors of various types when needed, depending on the type of glass:
  • transparent;
  • frosted;
  • tinted;
  • triplex - laminated glass, can become completely transparent or colored.
There is also a triplex with filling - such glass can have a wide variety of patterns.

Types of attachment and design

Depending on the type of attachment and design, glass doors are:
  • sliding doors;
  • accordion-type constructions;
  • pendulums;
  • swing doors.
For all such products, completely different accessories are used. For example, interior doors made of glass or elements of office partitions must have the highest strength, heat protection and durability - the quality of the fittings plays an important role in this.

Why buy a glass door?

That types of structures are a very good solution for the interior, they have many advantages:

  • versatility - such doors will perfectly fit into any design and will successfully coexist with objects from any other materials;
  • a wide range of models - installing glass doors is a big step towards individualizing a room;
  • these designs have a high level of safety;
  • the glass is completely moisture resistant;
  • visually, such doors ennoble the room, make it wider and lighter and save energy inside.
When ordering all glass doors, proper installation is of paramount importance. For this, the measurement of the doorway is of prime importance - it is very important to do this as accurately as possible, because after making the door from tempered glass, it will no longer be possible to remake, replace and "adjust" to the required dimensions.

The main design feature of these systems is that they do not take up free space when opening, because they open along the wall. Their minimalistic look and high functionality: it is possible to complete with door closers and soft closing - soft stops make it a good alternative to traditional wooden, plastic doors or stainless glass door. With their help, the interior of each room is significantly transformed.

Types of sliding doors:
  • transparent;
  • gray tinted in mass;
  • mass-toned bronze;
  • solid painting or photo printing.
Additionally, it is possible to offer sandblasting: continuous or according to the pattern.

Depending on the customer's preferences, glass sliding doors can be completed with:
  • aluminum decors in the loft style;
  • a threshold cut into the floor plane for greater tightness;
  • door closers with "Soft stop" function
  • locks, including access control
The ability to choose the practical design option allows you to practically decorate the space of each room. A functional solution will also be glass sliding doors to the shower, garden bathroom. Recently, sliding doors with a mirror surface, which are often used in the design of dressing rooms, have been in great demand. The essence of the technology lies in the fact that a mirror is glued onto 8 mm thick tempered glass with continuous painting (enamel). In finish, on one side we get a mirror surface of doors glass, and on the back side we skinned it with any chosen color.

Sliding systems look very original in spacious studio apartments, where they are used to create separate functional areas. They open much more opportunities for designers to bring bold and creative ideas to life, while retaining the ability to productively use every inch of office or living space.

Metal doors with glass

Metal doors with glass are, at first glance, a combination of the incompatible. After all, where is strong metal, and where is glass, even if tempered. However, glass door frame the alliance came out quite successful. And now stainless steel glass door are not installed anywhere!

Doors made of metal and glass (glass door and frame) are classified according to several criteria:
  1. By materials: for steel, aluminum and metal-plastic doors with glass. In the latter, the plastic profile is reinforced with aluminum inside - so that the door lets it withstand a greater load. On metal doors with glass, external overlays are often fixed: made of natural wood, MDF, laminate, etc. Therefore, they are sometimes referred to as wooden doors.
  2. At the place of application: for entrance (front) doors with glass, office doors, doors for fireplaces and stoves, for bathrooms and showers, etc.
  3. By design, glass doors are divided into swing, sliding glass door plan, pendulum, sliding, etc.
  4. The design of glass door with frame can also be different. It depends on the material.
A glass door in an aluminum profile at the edges and glass inside is a sliding structure. An aluminum front door with glass is almost indistinguishable from an office or interior door. The only thing is that the first one opens automatically.

Popular glass can be transparent, frosted, patterned. But glass doors from several canvases with photo printing look most impressive.