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Over past years architects and designers are increasingly choosing glass as the main material for some contemporary building elements. Internal glass balustrade is just one example of its use in architecture and design. The principle of making glass parts makes it possible to use them where no one thought about it before. An excellent example is balustrades, which prevent accidental falls from stairs, terraces, balconies.

Where installed?

Glass railings and balustrades have been in high demand over the past twenty years, gradually replacing railings made from traditional materials. The use of glass in fences and balustrades makes it possible to create enclosing structures that combine the necessary functionality, reliability and safety, while maintaining an elegant modern appearance. The usage of transparent glass endows such fences with a unique property of visually opening up the space, providing a free view of the interior of the building or the surrounding panorama.

In particular, for this reason, glass fences have become popular in the design of shopping, business and entertainment complexes. This solution makes it possible to implement the concept of a visually open space, providing an opportunity to see stores and boutiques from different points and angles, for example, like glass balustrades London style.

Also, exquisite structural glass balustrade is a stylish and functional element of your home interior. Glass is successfully combined with wood, metal and other modern construction and finishing materials. This allows you to create fences that can decorate interiors and buildings of various architectural styles and purposes, whether it is a wooden staircase or terrace of a cottage, an atrium of a shopping center projects, commercial areas or a hi-tech staircase in a fashion showroom.

To ensure the reliability of the operation of glass balustrades, it is permissible to install exclusively safe impact-resistant tempered and/or laminated glass.

These types of glass with a thickness of 8-12 mm are used in frame fences or fences on posts as filling material. In these types of structures, emergency destruction of a glass element does not lead to a loss of strength of the entire fence or its part.

Types of glass balustrades

The trend of the last ten years has been the development of a new type of enclosing structures - self-supporting glass balustrades. Since in such systems glass serves not only as a filling material, but also as the only supporting structural element, special requirements for strength and safety are imposed on it. This material is a special laminated glass with a thickness of 20 to 40 mm, consisting of more than a conventional "triplex" number of tempered glass layers (at least 3) and a high-strength polymer film. The special strength and reliability of tempered laminated glass allows such fences to withstand serious loads during operation.

If such glass is subjected to extreme emergency impact, due to its multi-layer, it will be destroyed only partially. The layers of glass and film that have retained their integrity will ensure the stability and safety of the enclosing structure until the damaged element is replaced, and also prevent glass fragments from spilling out, keeping them on the elastic film.

For producing glass railings and balustrades, only certified tempered and laminated glass must be used. Balustrade glass prices depend on the complexity of work and mainly what products are used.

Variety of technologies and options for glass balustrades

To add variety and exclusivity to your residential area or commercial property decorating glass sheets and applying drawings and logos are used, for example, like stylish balustrade London city.

These decorations may be as you want:

  • overhead elements;
  • decorative internal lamination;
  • triplex with internal broken tempered glass "crushed ice";
  • artistic matting;
  • photorealistic printing.
Modern technologies and equipment expand the boundaries for the embodiment of design ideas and it means that it is possible to produce glazed balustrades of the most varied shapes and complexity.

Balustrade materials

Handrails are an important functional finepoints of glass railings and also play an important decorative role. They can be used for any type of enclosing structures and are made of various materials:

  • natural wood;
  • glass;
  • ferrous metal;
  • polished stainless steel;
  • brushed stainless steel;
  • aluminum.
When selecting the material and construction of handrails for glass railing, the specialists bespeak account the type of architectural object and the location of the railing. The criteria of safety, resistance to temperature extremes and other weather factors, durability, ease of use, other benefits, glass stair balustrade prices and maintenance are taken into account.

The shape of the handrails in the section can be different: a metal pipe of a round or rectangular shape, a U-shaped or other type of profile. Producers also offer a variety of wooden and forged options for handrails to customer order. In self-supporting structures, a glass enclosure without a handrail is common.

Architects recommend using frameless and other types of glass balustrades:

  • a frame glass pool fence will protect small children and animals from falling into the water;
  • for fencing the porch;
  • on the terraces of cafes and restaurants;
  • in the atriums of shopping and entertainment centers;
  • for fencing staircases and landings;
  • on balconies and attics of private houses, cottages, penthouses;
  • for fencing highways and highways;
  • for fencing viewing platforms;
  • on verandas and terraces of private houses;
  • for fencing platforms at metro stations;
  • fencing of areas on the roofs of buildings;
  • for fencing of bridge pedestrian crossings;
  • for fencing swimming pools like.
Possible places of application of glass enclosing structures are not limited to this list. But the cost of frameless glass balustrade may vary from the place of installation.

Functionality of glass balustrades:

  • ensuring safety in places of height difference;
  • protection from wind, dust, sand;
  • noise protection (soundproofing function);
  • protection against falling into the water of children and animals;
  • gives an unusual stylish look.
Choosing the installation of glass balustrades you always win. Glass balustrade cost depends on different factors and can be counted individually. Frameless glass balustrade cost also depends on the complexity of the desirable project. To find out about the price of balustrades production you can, for example ask a query in the search engine bar like "glass stair balustrades london" or "glass balustrade prices uk".