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The bolted glass

assembly system is a technique for installing glass, either single or double-glazed, using articulated stainless-steel bolts. This type of assembly can be used on different types of projects. Bolted assemblies are suitable for both external or internal applications, including shop fronts, partitioning, countertops, display units or balustrades utilising a variety of glass specifications including toughened, laminated, double glazed or tinted. Working in conjunction with the contractor we will find the right glazing solution whether it is a refurbishment or a new build project.
Bolted glass is extremely popular, but successful application relies on understanding the interaction between the glass and bolt fittings in order to select the correct glass specification.
We have unrivalled expertise in designing robust bolted glass assemblies, using finite element analysis to model glass behaviour and provide accurate information on the stresses and deflection of the panels.