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What Is Back Painted Glass & How Can It Be Used?
What is back painted glass and how can it be used inside and outside the building? Back Painted Glass is a glass that was painted on the back side. This is a very popular solution for interior and exterior design because it looks very stylish and helps to visually expand the space. After painting the back side, the front side is no longer translucent but has a solid color. Such a creative idea is widely used in residential and commercial buildings.
Glass has always been a popular design solution, however, sometimes transparent walls are not appropriate, whether it's in the house or office. Back painted glass is an amazing solution if you don't want to be
surrounded by concrete walls whether they are painted or have wallpapers. A nicely chosen color or a variety of colors applied on the glass makes individual rooms private, still modern, sleek and unique.
Apart from delivering our customer's nicely painted glass panels, we make sure that we use thick, durable and safe glass that will become an integral part of the beautiful design of your kitchen bathroom or any other room in the building. Visit our website and review the section back painted glass and mirrors to see information and images of the projects that we have already successfully completed.
back painted glass and mirrors
Uses of Back Painted Glass
In this part of the article, we are going to review the most popular uses back painted glass in residential and commercial buildings:

  • Doors
  • Kitchens and bathrooms
  • Lobby and office areas
  • Glass tiles
  • Cabinets
  • Railings/stair railing
  • Marker boards
GlassStructuresLimited is willing to listen to your wishes according to how you would like to see back painted glass in your building and what colors you prefer. Our professional glaziers will help you to find the best solutions to make your house or individual rooms look modern, spacious and bring you satisfaction every time you look around your house.
Back Painted Glass in Interior Design
You can see fantastic examples of back painted glass used in interior design. It looks like artwork making your house look unique bright and colorful. Combination of colors or patterns applied on the glass looks very attractive. Back painted glass is widely used for walls, tables, and countertops. Such glass not only a decor, it's functional and can be easily washed. By using back painted glass in the bathroom and kitchen, it will withstand wetness and have a fresher look for longer since stains and splashes are not so noticeable on the back pained glass.
Back Painted Glass in Exterior Home Design
Nowadays, you can see a lot of shops with walls made of back painted glass. Bright colors and good light makes a great combination for attracting customers to look at such buildings. Back painted glass makes a luxury effect easily distinguishing such a building from others. It's also widely used as a decorative glass panel for wall cladding to cover external steel supports. The colorful glass looks really nice and modern when used for lobbies and elevators. It adds a posh look and makes the area look bigger.
How is Back Painted Glass Made?
The process of making back painted glass requires skills and special equipment. We start with a sheet of glass that has been cut to the customer's requirements. Our professional glaziers make sure that the glass is absolutely clean because even a little bit of debris will become embedded in the paint and spoil the perfect sleek look. Then we tape off the edges of the glass to not let paint stick to the front side of the glass. Once preparation is completed, we move to painting the glass. The first thing that we do we put the glass flat. Then we apply the paint to the glass, usually in multiple layers. The last step is transferring the painted glass to a special oven and leave it there until paint gets properly stuck to one side of the glass.

Can You Do It Yourself?

Of course, like most things, you can try to paint glass yourself. When reading instructions, you may think that it sounds like an easy process, however, you need to have certain skills and equipment to do it professionally. Follow the below-listed instructions if you want to DIY back painted glass:
As you can see there are certain things that you may not have in your workshop or house to complete back painted glass project. We are using harsh chemicals to clean the glass, we have special paints and devices to spray the surface. Most importantly, we have professional ovens that are created especially for glass. These ovens are very big and guarantee secure adhesion for the best result. With the help of our advanced painting machines, we provide excellently executed large and small pieces of glass that we install to make our customers enjoy the interior or exterior design.
Installing Back Painted Glass
Installation of back painted glass is a very responsible process and should be entrusted to the best glass company in your city. After studying the project, agreeing with our customers, and painting the glass, we move forward to the next step – back painted glass panels installation. Depending on size and thickness, the panels can be heavy. This is a quite difficult process because a little mistake can cost a lot of money and time. We involve a team of professionals and use the best equipment to securely mount glass panels. We use framing, fasteners, and construction grade adhesive.
If you would like to learn more information about back painted glass, ideas for your home or office, find out prices and production time of such glass, feel free to contact us today. We will help you to develop the best project for your commercial or residential purpose, discuss the budget and will do our best to meet your precise requirements.