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Reasons You Need A Glass Staircase In Your Home
If you choose the material for the stairs in an apartment building in terms of popularity, the first place will be, of course, wood, the second metal, the third - the various combinations of these materials, then stone and concrete. Glass - not the most common choice in the construction of stairs, but we will try to prove that the glass steps and railing has many advantages. In addition, a glass staircase will always look original, being a very visible part of the interior.
To date, there are three types of fences made of glass:
Classic rack fence. The racks can be made not only of glass, but also of metal and wood. This option will perfectly fit into the classic style of the interior and does not require special material costs.

Fence variants for glass stairs
Glass railing with concealed fasteners. This type of fence is especially popular because it helps to achieve weightlessness of the staircase structure, making it transparent (for safety requires additional lighting of steps or local illumination of this part of the room).
Glass stair railing with concealed fasteners

Glass railing point fixing. The railing is fixed to the wall, to the end of the structure using special point fasteners. This saves space in the stairway and makes moving between floors safer.

Despite the seeming lightness and airiness, the glass steps are very reliable. They are made of impact-resistant tempered triplex material, which is three layers of glass bonded with a special polymer. Special combined tempered glass for stairs can also be used, which can withstand heavy loads. In this case, the steps of the three layers are complemented by LED lighting.

Climbing up such a staircase will actually have to be done by air. It's a good example of how weightless a glass staircase can look. Visually, it takes up much less space than structures made of stone, metal and wood.
back painted glass and mirrors
Glass combines perfectly with all other materials that can be used for stairs. Transparent railing visually facilitates the construction, making it more modern. Although often glass stairs are used in the classic interior as well.

The disadvantages of glass stairs can be attributed to their cost, because special hardened glass is worth a lot. In addition, there may be difficulties in finding a master who can qualitatively erect such a design. Glass stairs on the street are not used, because in winter such steps will be a real ice rink, fraught with injury.

In this case, for convenience on top of the glass on the railings are metal rounded handrails. The stairs have perfectly entered into a laconic interior, the steps have turned out convenient. However, if any detail of a ladder will be damaged nevertheless, it is necessary to change it completely, after all glass cannot be repaired.
    Such a dizzying look will not suit those who are afraid of heights. But in general, the whole spiral staircase turned out to be very light and reliable. Rails are metal, with thin balusters, and the stairs as if permeate the whole house vertically, descending smoothly curves.

    Taking care of the glass stairs is easy on the one hand, but on the other - it requires regular efforts. After wet cleaning can remain divorce, on the steps will be visible every dust, and on the glass handrail - handprints. However, it will not be difficult to cope with this problem with the glass cleaner.

    Of course, the best glass stairs fit in the hi-tech style, which loves the shine of metal and clear lines. Some people will think it's too cold a solution, not suitable for the organization of home comfort, but modern styles have many fans who prefer this kind of urban chic.
    The shape and size of the glass staircase on a metal base can be any. This is almost always an individual project, so it is very difficult to find two identical staircases made of glass. This option with a metal base and glass steps can be called the most common choice when using this material.

    Unusual glass railing descending from the ceiling. On one side of the steps it is simply a glass wall dividing the room into separate zones. There are indeed a lot of glass in the interior, but the steps themselves have been chosen more solid - wooden, to match the color of the floor.


    A glass staircase can be a great decoration for an interior. It will fit perfectly into both classic living room and modern kitchen or dining room design. Despite its fragility, this design is very reliable and durable (by using tempered glass). The only drawback of this product is the complexity of installation and the need to replace the entire structure in case of severe damage to individual parts.