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Best Glass Extension Ideas by Glass Structures Limited

Choose the Best Glass Extension Ideas To Make Your Space Modern

Are you looking for modern glass extension ideas for your house? The house that has a lot of glass looks modern than houses with regular windows. If you want to fill your house or penthouse apartments with sunlight, enjoy the sun rays as well as rain and lightning, there are plenty of amazing options how to make your house look new, brighter and more attractive.
A lot of property owners like glass ideas for their houses and penthouse apartments but they worry about the temperature inside being too cold in winter and too hot in summer. Thanks to the latest technological innovations allow the glass to be crafted in vast panes which makes them energy efficient. Nowadays, glazed buildings can be very warm in winter and cool during summers.
In this article, you are going to find the list of wonderful ideas to make your house look bigger since glass adds space visually, which is not only a good idea for small and big houses.
List Of The Best Glass Extensions
We have prepared a list of interesting and effective ideas for glass extensions on houses that can help to plan and make space comfortable and beautiful. Let's take a look at them:
Home Office in a Glazed Extension
Since more and more people work on computers and laptops at home, why not create a good-looking office inside your house and get motivated by sunlight, bright colors and nature? A glass box-style design that is supported by steel sections can become your home office. Usually, such "boxes" are constructed on the corner of the property so you can get maximum natural light.
Glazed Kitchen Extension
Our glass company is willing to offer you a wide range of glass kitchen extension ideas to match your taste and budget. Glass walls or glass roof in the kitchen look really nice making even small size kitchens big and spacious. If you are a passionate cook and like make meals a few times a day, then we can certainly help you to reduce the electricity bill. You won't have to switch the light on during the day and even if it rains in the evening while you are having a delicious dinner with your family, glass roof or walls create a very cozy and romantic atmosphere.
Bedroom Glass Extension
The entire glazed roof of your bedroom or even a glazed part of the roof will make your bedroom look absolutely unique. Glass panels with huge glass panels will add a striking statement to your interior design, flood your bedroom with light and will increase the value of the whole house in case you want to sell it one day.
Kitchen and Living Room Modern Glass Extension
If you live in the house where the kitchen and living area are located in the lower ground floor, one of the great ideas how to add light and make the whole floor look more spacious is to extend it into the garden with the help of glass panels. In this case, we are ready to construct a modern glass-box-style and add square more feet to your house.
Rooftop Glass Extensions
Beautiful glass rooftops allow the owners to enjoy the sky full of stars at night, rain and show inside their warm houses. During the daytime, a rooftop extension brings natural light to the inside of the house which saves the electricity bill and makes your house look bigger and very modern. Contemporary glass roof extension ideas can be implemented in any room of the house. Glazed rooftop looks especially amazing in the living room, bedroom and kitchen.
Garden Glass Extensions
This is one of the most popular glass solutions that owners of houses choose. We can create a perfect terrace in your garden. You will be able to enjoy nature, sunbathe as well as watch the rain why resting on a soft chair, wrapped in a blanket and having a cup of tea. Garden glass extensions allow to open the doors wide and let the fresh air come in as well as close the doors and enjoy the nature from inside when the temperature drops. You can choose the size of the terrace, depending on what furniture you want to place there. Such veranda glass extensions are also often used as gym or yoga rooms.
Contemporary Glazed Swimming Poo
If you are an owner of the house with a swimming pool, we have great news for you. There is a wide choice of swimming pool enclosures that can be opened and closed easily. Glass Structures Limited company is ready to provide some great ideas for glazing your swimming pool, making it look stylish from outside and cozy inside even when swimming on a cold winter day.
Rooftop Terrace
Another amazing idea to add a stylish touch is to construct a rooftop terrace where one of the glass structures works as a floor. Such a construction works as a glass roof inside the house and you can easily walk on it without fear. This way, you add light to your room, make a roof looks unique plus you have a stylish terrace on the roof where you can place chairs, a table and sunbathe during hot summer days.
Glass Links
If you own two houses, one for your family and one for your guests, or a gym, or a swimming pool area, we can offer you to install glass link to connect two buildings. The structure allows you to get from one building to another without having to go outside, which is especially convenient when it's rainy. Of course, such construction extends both houses, makes your property look bigger, lighter and more stylish.
Conservatory Structural Glass Extension
If you have a conservatory, it can also be glazed in a really nice way. We can help you to choose glass panels with frames, for example from oak and paint it if you like traditional style inspired by the Victorian era or make the construction frameless if you prefer modern designs. Your newly designed conservatory will go in harmony with your home's exterior and the adjoining rooms giving you easier access to the room full of plants and flowers.
Contact Glass Structures Limited today and get the best idea for your house from experienced and professional glaziers. We listen to our customers' requirements, take into consideration their budget and offer the best ideas to make their houses and apartments look like new. Whether your house is made of bricks or wood, we are willing to suggest the glazing designs to make your whole house or individual rooms look bigger and brighter. You don't necessarily need to buy another house when such impressive glass extensions for houses exist for affordable prices.